This is going to be a raging post. I'm super raged now!
Don't ask me next time if you feel it's wasting time talking to me!
I also wouldnt spend some time to talk to you also, F**KER!!!!!
I don't care what you are going to tell people, but you must apologise to me!
You think everyone like you is so fucking free?

I have tonnes of things to do now. 
And i don't have the time to sleep also.
Do you think i have the time to explore everything?

I'm so mad now.
If i can, i will post in somewhere and purposely let you read this post. 
Don't try to think that your older than me, you have to shout at me like that! DAMN!

A packet of nougat couldnt help me to reduce my anger what more if it's a rock music! *grrr*


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