Convent Girls' Gathering ❤

Well this would be our first gathering in KL after so long. I was really glad to see all of them that day. Thanks to those who came all the way. =) Besides that, it was also a gathering for Mei Yuann since she would be going back to USA after her summer holidays ended.

I really thanked all my girls for coming even though there were only 8 of us. It's the thought that counts. Considered not bad that my plan was successful. But sorry girls, i am a bad organiser. Next time i will come out with more exciting plans for all of us ok? =)

Anyway, we had our so-called dinner at Chilis. I was too full that i couldnt even breathe. Zzz. I told myself not to be greedy anymore. Must learn to share with friends. Sharing is caring! LOL! =D

Check out the photos we had taken. 

Appetizer - Triple Play

Shu Yin and Jane's


Mei Yuin's

Lay Ann's


Linet, Jane aka Mei Yuann and i 

Shu Yin and Mei Yuann

Shu Yin, Mei Yuin and Lay Ann

Linet and i

Group photo excluded me. 

Funny pose and expression. =D

Lay Ann was the photographer this time. 

All of us. ❤❤

P.s: Gonna miss all of you. Thanks for the night. Love you guys! ❤


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