Splendid Weekend

Hey guys, here is the post that i had promised you earlier on. 
Last weekend was superb marvelous. I had fun with my family and friends.
Bro's back, sis was in Taiping and all my friends were in Taiping and we made a small gathering. Thanks to Lay Ann for organising it on my behalf. ❤

P/s: I looked fat here. =/

I started my journey on Friday after my one-hour lecture in university before heading back to Taiping. 

The weather was nice and i almost fell asleep when i was driving. 
Thank god i stop at the rest house and washed my face. =)
And terribly sorry to my parents cause i sped that day. Super fast that type.
Since i'm driving alone, i think it should be fine. haha.
Thanks dad for the delicious breakfast you bought all the way from Penang. ❤

My mummy. ❤

And i missed one outing with Mei Yuann. ArGH! Sorry girl, wrong timing. I need to go back to Taiping after a month i didn't go back. Miss the food. Who would actually expect that my tummy cause lots and lots of problems to me? =( I couldn't simply consume any favourite food i miss when i was in KL. 

Anyway, daddy cured me. LOL~ Not my tummy. My finger! *winkz*

I did a lot of stuffs that weekend. 
Went to immigration centre with sis. To my surprise, i met someone there. She is Mei Yuin. Hadn't seen her for ages and our first time meeting each other after so long was immigration centre. =.='''
While waiting in the immigration. =D

Acting abnormal. =p

I went for haircut since i didnt cut it for 9months already. Sis joined me too. =)

Short short already. 

Spend my time in the office with mum. ------>

Introducing my new colored lens - purple with yellow =D

Sis with full of expression as usual. lol. 

Her innocent act. =p

Trying to sniff her. Ahaks.

I also went to Tesco to buy some groceries with family. Whee.

Arbi leaning on my mummy. =p

Fat kor kor with sis Jo. =)

& went jogging with family in the morning. Awesome.~~
In the evening, i fetched sis by motorcycle and to take some fresh air around my housing area. It was so cold!~~ =/

Snapshots outside the house. lol. =p

And out of so many days in Taiping, there's only a day where Taiping didn't rain. When it rained, i shivered to the maximum. Hyper cold! *freezing*

Sis and i in pyjamas. =D

Firecrackers. *winkz* P/s: Sorry for the bad quality photo.

Time flies and i'm back here again. However i get to meet them again next week. *winkz*
I'm excited and can't wait for that moment to arrive. =D

Stay Tuned! =D

P.s: I reached KL on Monday anyway & enjoyed pillow-talking with my sis. =)



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