NUS Commencement 2010

Here comes my post after i had promised you guys two days ago. I think this post is gonna be loaded with photos more than words. Cause i am pretty sure that photos can give you all the descriptions you guys want. =)

 ❤ The star of the night ❤

Anyway i went to Singapore to attend my brother's convocation day in NUS. For your information, they dont call convocation day but COMMENCEMENT! Anyway congratulations to you, bro! You make us proud of you. ❤ 

The best part was i got to go NUS even though i didnt get to study there. It's been my dream to further my studies there. But i ended up in UTAR. =.=' However, i spotted no 'lengchais' among the graduates. So saddening! All happened to be in nerdy looks. =(

Anyway, sis and i skipped our classes just for you. Now you know how noble we are! haha. LOL! Just to let you know that we love you to every bits and bites. 
At times i know we didnt have the chance to sit down and talk but still we are close to each other. Going shopping with you is the best cause i have never come across such patient guy waiting for three girls checking out their stuffs slowly. You never even rant instead you helped us around to look for the stuffs we want. Thanks a lot bro! You are always the best bro i ever had. I gonna miss you sooo much as you wont be back to Malaysia so often. (as if you back to Malaysia so often. haha)

Without wasting time, here's the photos. =D

Four of us. =D

Sis jo and baby 

Three of us. *winkz*

Mummy and daddy. ❤

Since we have nothing to do while waiting for Uncle Lee to pick us up, we camwhored. Teehee

It took us quite sometimes to reach there cause NUS is quite far. However i was amazed by the buildings and it is HUGE! Lecture theatres are located in another building. University Culture Centre is located at another building. No wonder my bro said he prefer to ride friend's bike around uni. hmm.

The commencement took place in Cultural Centre at Kent Ridge Crescent.
 Family photos were taken by DSLR and the rest were taken by my cute digital camera. =D 

Bro with his classmates. =D

Daddy, bro and mummy

Sis jo and bro


The bear is cute. Not cheap you know? SGD107 ler! 

Molesting the bear. Pity

Can you see the NUS logo there? winkz. 

Sis with her cute expression. =D

Bro's turn to act cute there. lol

Bro and i. 

Bro with his bears=D

Sis Jo and i. 

Sis and i.=D

The structure behind is an alphabet 'I'. It stands for 'I WAS HERE'. Too bad i didnt get to take the whole structure. Too many people queuing up for that. Sobs. 

Sis, Bro and i. *finally*

Sis jo, bro, mummy and daddy. 

Family photo #1




We quickly entered the hall. And yeah! All of us get to go in cause we got the tickets! Whee. 

Here's the graduates sitting in front! =D

Bro's bear also need to study the book. LOL.

Posing with the book. haha

Sis and i with mum and dad as the background. haha

Camwhored again. =p

Here's bro's turn.

Oh my gawd! I mistakenly thought someone standing near the stage as my bro. Cause his size looked exactly the same. Zzz. Sis and i were laughing non stop cause it was so humiliating. Zzzz. 

Bro looked super kancheong here making my camera also kan cheong. 

Done! =D

P/s: Upcoming post will be my outings with family. *winkz*
Wait for it! ❤



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