You fucking idiot! 
Who are you to say such thing to me?
I'm saying in a manner way and you said in the way like i am the one who bullied you.
You are just a loser in my eyes!!

If you still think that you are doing so much, please come and compare your list of tasks to-do with me.
I bet you will open your eyes big and be surprised.
I'm already easing your burden and adding more responsibilities on both of my shoulders and 
YET i never complain to you at all!!!! 

If you dislike the way i'm doing now, then i will just give you the whole piece of assignment to handle it on your OWN since you prefer that way.
I dont mind since i have loads of things to be done out there.

I hadn't have enough sleep for the past few days just to complete my work and most of the time what are you doing?
HELL OH, I cannot don't have the time to study at all.
Who is the busiest people?
It's ME - JANICE YEAP!!!! 

Dont try to test my temper here! 
If you trying to show/tell me how right you are, sorry i think you will lose THIS TIME! 
I'm feeling irked now.

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