City Square Mall ❤

The first thing right we did right after we reached Singapore is ......

What to do? We are girls. That's normal for girls. Teehee.
The opposite to the hotel where i used to stay when i was on a trip to Singapore on 2008 had turned into a beautiful condominium and an eco-friendly shopping centre, City Square Mall.

The mall is new. So we had nothing to shop in the end except for a few things only. =(
Let my photos do the talking ok? =D

This is a high class condominium. All the cars that drove into the condo were sports car. Awesome~~ =DD

My blur look!


Trying out my anti-shake function. lol. 

The things that were sold here are so cheap! Sis wanted to buy all the things she craved in Malaysia but too bad everything is running out of her sizes in here. Zzzz. Pity her. Dad's friend came and picked us up to check in our hotel rooms. =D

Anyway i could still recognise the roads and buildings in Singapore even though i hadn't been there since two years ago. So smart! Lol! =p But definitely not those new buildings that were built not long ago. haha

P/s: Missed everything there. =(
Upcoming one will be slightly more interesting than this one. =p


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