Humiliating UTAR!

What's with this DBKL officers coming to TBR every day to tow the cars that are parked in TBR? I know you guys must have received lots of complaints from the neighbourhood.
But have you ever think that this is not we want?

All right. Come to think of it, if UTAR willing to provide more bus trips to university everyday, i'm pretty sure that all the students will take the opportunity to take UTAR's bus to uni EVERYDAY!

Instead what i have heard so far is sorry, we can't provide more buses and trips in one hour. What the fuck! Where did our money went to?
IF UTAR admin cannot do that, then please dont accept students anymore!
You are just thinking on your behalf.
And all the students are suffering so much. 

To these officers, since you guys are so free to tow the cars, why not you guys take the time to clean the drains along the roads and repair all the potholes on the roads!!! 
I'm not the victim here. But i just hope that UTAR will do something please!
Maybe provide more buses to us if you guys want to receive more students to university.

If this kind of incident happen to us daily, i bet any of us will report to the newspaper and spread to the whole Malaysia. Trust me! 
When such things happen, there's no way UTAR can turn back the time. You ain't going to receive students anymore!

Another thing, parking spaces in university are LIMITED! We don't mind paying rm100 for a semester. But what do we get in return for those who paid rm100 per month? UTAR provides washing and cleaning services to all the cars that are parked inside?
Does that parking stickers cost rm100? The stickers are made from silver or gold paper is it?!!

And some even more pitiful. They have been applying the car park sticker for the whole 4-year degree programme and they didn't even get a single one! WTH! Arent you guys suppose to give the privilege to the final year's students and seniors? 

SRC members please do something!
I'm not blaming the TBR's residents. I understand your feelings.
But please have mercy on those people who cannot get the parking stickers. 

Here are the videos of the DBKL towing 4 to 5 cars a day! Earn alot like that!

P/s: I really hope that UTAR will bring this issue out and solve it. I will really appreciate it if you guys have put an effort on it. Definitely UTAR wouldnt want this case to be spread out to the whole world and receive no students later on. 

Thanks to those who are reading it. =D


  1. Inefficient transport system seems like being the major problem in most of the universities.

  2. that is why students tend to drive cars to uni

  3. I think it happen to most of universities in Malaysia. Last time my university also had the same problem. After a few years later then only problem solved

  4. the uni should work something out for the students.. they are after all their "customers"..


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