Broga Hill ❤

We planned ages ago and we determined to climb the Broga Hill. All of us were pretty excited and looked forward to the day! Yay~ We started journey from KL at 4 am and reached there around 5 something in the morning. The sky was still dark and we got no choice but to turn on our torch light to guide us along the path. 

We reached at the peak of the hill around 6 something in the morning. We rested for awhile while waiting for sunrise. The scenery was beautiful. While waiting, we met a group of Malay boys and chitchatted with them. They were so friendly and funny. We later took a group photo together with them. 

The boys and us. =)

Photo of the beautiful landscape. =)

All of us were tired. So we rested for an hour or two before we went down to the bottom of the hill. 

A camho shot of me. =)

We later took a few funny and crazy shots of us. Check out our photos below: 

Facing our back. We were observing the nice view of Broga Hill. 

We used the towels to wrap our heads and made us look like village girls. LOL

Jing Yin, Veron and I. 

Our funny shot with our ugly pouty mouths. 

The sun was shining directly to us. With Kah Khey and I. 

Posing with the nice view of Broga Hill as background. I put my Nike outfits from top to toe on that day. I need to lose more weight on my thighs and tummy already. Sigh. 

I was upset on that day too. The soles of my sport shoes came off and my feet were hurting so bad. =( Time to get a new sport shoes again. Sobs. We came down from the peak of hill at around 8 something in the morning and I almost tripped and fell while we walked down. Thank god i was safe! 

The landscape on that day was beautiful, wasn't it? =)

We had fun even though we were freaking tired. We accomplished our mission finally! We started our journey back to KL from Semenyih around 9 something in the morning. All of us were freaking hungry and I suggested us to have Subway breakfast at KL Festival Mall. We went back home after that and i guessed all of us were too tired to do anything. I went back and took almost 4 hours of nap after my hot shower. So that's the end of the my Broga trip. Hope to go there and try out other activities next time. =)

P/s: I am in Taiping for only a week and I am bored! Anyway, I am determined to lose at least 5 kg within a month! I can finally go jogging every day in Taiping Lake Garden ever since my Nike Run KL on November 2011. Time to get back my stamina and keep myself healthy and fit again. Teehee~~ 

~When you confuse to decide something, you have two choices: follow your heart or your mind. 

lotsa love, janiceyeap


  1. it is a great place to climb because it has nice scenery and also could be windy up there but it is too overated which led to overcrowded of that place =/

  2. I've always wanted to hike up Broga Hill, but haven't make time for it.
    Hopefully within this year! :)

  3. 5kg? You mad girl? You're underweight by then and it ain't healthy


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