Goodbye Setapak!

Referring to the title above, my 4 years of degree life has finally come to an end. I already moved out from Wangsa Metroview Condominium in Wangsa Maju two days ago. I can no longer stay in Setapak anymore. Perhaps i won't be spending much time in KL attending events as i will be in Taiping most of the time with my family. Sis will be back in Taiping in a month's time. Can't wait for it. The same goes to my bro and sis-in-law too. They are back in Taiping in July. 

I am looking forward to have a family gathering again! =D And to all my dear friends, please do keep in touch with me even though i am no longer exposed to KL life for mean time. Ooops.. :X 

Bought sis's favourite tuna breakfast from Subway on that day 

Camho #1. Trying to act cute. LOL!

A picture of sis and i.. Muah! 

Thanks sis for helping me to move my things the other day. We had so much fun together even though we were only busy packing our stuffs. And as a reward i offered her a treat at Ochado since she never tried their drinks before. She totally liked it and fell in love with it immediately. I bet we are channelling our cravings to Ochado next time and say no more to Chatime. :P

Thumbs up for Okinawa Milk Tea and Okinawa Matcha Green Tea!  

I think sis couldn't wait to drink her milk tea. :P

Started my journey to Taiping at 3 pm and the bad weather took me almost 4 hours plus to reach home. 

The heavy rain along the highway. =.="""

P/s: Enjoying my relaxing life at home. Had interview the next day in Ipoh. 
P/s/s: I miss all my friends and sister in KL. =( No more events to attend and say goodbye to Nikon team. 
P/s/s: Time to go for a diet plan for a month in Taiping. =) Target: 45 kg.