My Three-Day Retreat (Part 1) ❤

Holla people! I am back here. Sorry to keep you guys waiting.. Well, I just came back from KL and to those who followed my Twitter (@janicemonteith) and Instagram frequently, I think they knew I went to KL for three days. :P Since i no longer have a place to stay in KL, i stayed at my sister's place which is located in Bandar Sunway. 

Taiping Railway Station ❤

It was a fun, crazy and yet long journey to KL because I took train to KL from Taiping. The ticket stated that it was only a four-hour journey and due to some delays, I reached KL Sentral at 3pm sharp which means that it took me exactly FIVE HOURS plus to reach KL. 

Nuffnang and Churp Churp Office ❤

Thanks sister, Jamie Yeap for picking me up from Sentral and right after that, we went to Nuffnang and Churp Churp office which is located at Heritage House, Jalan Yap Ah Shak, Kuala Lumpur to collect my tickets. *wide grin* My first time to the office and I didn't know that the new office has located one floor away the old office. A Nuffie/Churper was so kind to show me the new location of the office. And yay! I finally collected my tickets. And yes! I got a pair of tickets from Nuffnang to watch London, The Summer Musical! Hooray! *jump with joy* 

Thanks Nuffnang for the tickets ❤

Right after that, I headed back to Sunway to get ready for the musical. :D The musical show started at 8 pm. So my friend, Xiong and I had dinner before we went for the show. It was my second time watching the musical show in Amphitheatre, Sunway Lagoon. My first time was last year which is Aladdin The Musical with my fellow bloggers and family. :) 

Cam-whoring in the car with my outfit of the day. :P

London, The Summer Musical, follows the journey of three happy-go-lucky air hostesses as they re-ignite their love for singing and find a bit of love and romance on the way with three London boys. We had the opportunity to hear a whole host of hits from the 1970s through to today's chart toppers, including numbers by One Direction, Michael Buble and Geri Halliwell as well as songs from hit TV shows such as Glee, Smash and also James Bond films thrown in for good measure. Dazzling dances, spectacular costumes and electrifying special effects as well as references to contemporary films like Harry Potter and E.T. keep the audience happy and cheering through out. Thumbs up for the casts! 

Props were beautifully arranged and decorated on the stage. ❤

Photos below were taken using my HTC phone. I totally forgot to bring my camera to the musical show. Sorry readers for the bad quality photos. :( 

Picture #1 - Three stewardesses ❤

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4 - Three London boys ❤

Picture #5

Picture #6

Picture #7

Picture #8

Picture #9

Picture #10

Picture #11

I had fun watching the musical show and I love their PROPS so much!  It was indeed another AMAZING experience watching the musical show. The songs that they performed were totally awesome! How could the ladies perform in high heels? I envied them a lot. :( 

Looking forward to watch another new musical show from West End Production again! Thanks Sunway Lagoon and Nuffnang for giving me this opportunity. Thank you once again! =D See what all the fuzz is about and check out this spectacular show running until 8th of July! Don't miss out this musical show! 

lots of love, 

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