Historical Malacca ❤

My first outing trip with my friends in Malacca after my finals over. The last time i went to Malacca was 8 years ago (i think). Well, we started our journey at 6.30 am in the morning and thank god that the traffic was smooth along the highway. It took around 2 hours to reach Malacca and we looked forward to visit the historical places in Malacca. 

Check out the photos below. There were many photos taken during the trip but I only uploaded about 30 photos for this post to avoid readers from getting annoyed looking at thousand photos if I were to upload all of them. 

Picture #1

Picture #2 - Top left: The girls, Top right: Jing Yin, Bottom right: Four of us, Bottom left: The beautiful landscape
Picture #3 - Posing with beautiful scenery. (:
Picture #4
Picture #5
Picture #6

Picture #7 - Yours truly, Janice (:
Picture #8 - Kah Khey and I (:
Picture #9 - The girls (:
Picture #10 - Jing Yin (:

Picture #11 - Yours truly (:

Picture #12

Picture #13

Picture #14 - With Kah Khey 

Picture #15

Picture #16 - Jing Yin, Jie Hoai and I (:

Picture #17

Picture #18
Picture #19

Picture #20

Picture #21 - My current FB profile photo (:

Picture #22

Picture #23

Picture #24 - Chicken Rice Ball for lunch. 

Picture #25 Nadeje cakes for tea time (: *yum yum*
Picture #26 - *yay*

Picture #27 - Friendship rings for 4 of us. 

Picture #28 - Jie Hoai and I
Picture #29 Satay Celup and Asam Laksa to fill up our hungry stomachs (=

Picture #30 - Yours truly in Gucci shades *winkz*

A vain photo of myself to end this post. =P Enjoy your weekend, readers! xx

P/s: Photos were taken using Canon G12 and Sony T90. I apologise to the readers for the bad quality photos. Anyway, I will be going to KL on Monday for three days. Yay! Can't wait to see my fellow friends and sister! *wide grin*

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