Weekend Diary ❤

This will be my first time blogging about my weekends in Taiping ever since I am back in hometown for my so-called fresh graduate break. :P Yeah! I am still jobless. For the past few weekends, I have been spending my time sleeping, watching tv or jogging to the extent that I went to KL for three days just to watch premiere screening and musical show and not forgetting shopping as well. LOL! (Girls are forever shopaholic. :P ) However, the trip to KL was all worth it. =D

Below are some of the photos I have taken during a charity dinner organised by a primary school in Matang. We were invited to join the charity dinner together with my aunts, cousins and nieces. 

Taken using Samsung Galaxy SII 

With my niece. 

Even though I have a boring life in Taiping, I kinda like it.. I enjoy the peaceful life here without traffic congestion and noise pollution. I don't go out most of the time because none of my friends are in Taiping. =( 

However, last weekend was the BEST! Wanna know why? My sister is back in Taiping. We can finally have our pillow talk, singing and fighting session at home. Whee~~ We enjoyed our eating-dumplings session during the Dumpling Festival and drinking Milo session everyday. We also enjoyed playing King of Opera with mummy and auntie - my current addiction right now. *teehee*

Hot Milo for breakfast. 

Last weekend, sis, mami and I went for furniture shopping to get some new cupboards and shelves to beautify sister's and my room. Cousin insisted to follow us as she wanted to get new furniture for her new house which will be completed in a few month's time. Cousin is always busy with her work and it's been awhile since we hung out together. Right after our furniture shopping, she insisted to have dinner with us at Raintree Cafe, Flemington Hotel. 

Spaghetti Carbonara

Fish and Chip

Chicken Valdostana

Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce 

Milk Shake

Later on, we went to the Sky Bar which is located at the highest floor of the Flemington Hotel. Since the chairs and tables were wet due to the heavy rain, we just stood by the side and chit-chatted while enjoying the nice view of Taiping Lake Garden. It only takes 5 minutes to reach here fyi. So I can always come whenever I want. :P

Swimming pool at the Sky Bar 

My weekend was rather boring but we really had fun talking to each other. FYI, cousin and I have a big age gap. However, we are still that close. I am happy that we can still maintain the close relationship between us. Hope that you will stay healthy and happy always! I will miss you. =D 

A photo of myself to end this post. Sister complaint that my face looked so pale in this photo. Oh no~ 

P/s: 9 days from now. Hopefully I do not make the wrong decision. I know that God will always bless me always. 

lotsa love,

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