Cure Introductory Media Event, The Ascott KL ❤

Have you ever come across how to remove the dead skin cells from your body? I guess everyone is looking for solutions to remove it. 


And thanks to SaSa Malaysia, I had the honor to witness the power of skin exfoliation product that can turn your skin into healthier and more youthful skin! Introducing Natural Aqua Gel Cure which commonly known as Cure is the most popular skin exfoliation product in Japan! 1 bottle of Cure is sold every 12 seconds in Japan has finally arrived in Malaysia! *yay*

Cure is the most gentle, safest and effective exfoliation product on the market which it works to remove only unnecessary protein from your skin safely and gently. It is not only preservative free, coloring free, fragrance free but also mineral oil free and alcohol free!

 CEO of Offstyle Sdn Bhd, Miss Kim Fiona showed us the demostration of the Cure product on her Korean model. (:

 A sample on the table for each of the guests to try on. (:

Traditional exfoliations in the market are chemical peeling (using strong acids, approx at pH 1.3) to dissolve protein, gommage or scrab which can easily damage the skin.

Cure doesn't work well under wet and cold conditions. Be sure to store it at room temperature and best result are achieved when used under normal body temperature. If you apply Cure on the soles and heels, you will see the immediate results. 

Cure is now available in all SASA stores at RM115 (250ml)! Try it now and you will be amazed by the results. Anyway I will do a review of the Cure pretty soon. Wait for it! (: and thank you for reading! I heart all of you!

P/s: Finally have the time to write a short post. Was busy packing last night. (: Looking forward today! Yay!

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