[Review] BeautyQ Foot Mask ❤

When I first received this BeautyQ Foot Mask, my mind was thinking how does this foot mask will work. Will I get a smooth foot after one application without putting any lotion on my foot anymore? I finally have the guts to try it and thank you Hermo for the interesting product. It was my first time trying this foot mask anyway. I always find it hard to remove the dead cells on my foot especially the soles.

BeautyQ Foot Mask with poser Moon. In future you will see Moon as my photo props more often. :P

BeautyQ Foot Mask is an exfoliating foot mask with natural plant extracts such as milk protein, lactic acid, sodium lactate, cucumber extract, aloe extract and etc. It is also an exfoliation treatment for cracked, dry, rough heels and feet.  Tried this product a week ago and this product only gives result within 5-7days after initial application.

Each box comes with a pair of foot mask.

Let me show you how to use the foot mask. It's pretty simple though (:

Remember to cleanse and dry your feet before you putting on the foot mask.

You do not have to worry about the size of the mask at all. The mask is big enough to fit all sizes of foot (:

Remember to use scissors to cut the edge of the plastic before you can use the mask.

Place your foot on the mask and take off the double-sided tape to seal the foot mask. Remember to wear socks in order to allow you to walk. Kindly remove after 60-90 minutes and wash gently with water. The dead skin cells will start to peel off naturally between 5-7 days after the initial applications. It is recommended to repeat every 3 months.

Results of the Foot Mask Application 
Let me show you the results after the 5th day. My dead skin cells started to peel off while I was on holiday last week with my family. Get ready to see my ugly foot! Be prepared readers! :P

All the dead skin cells peeled off bit by bit.

Left and right foot. You can actually observe the dead skins on the foot before and after being removed. (:

Do take note that this foot mask is suitable for normal skin only. Avoid using if you have blisters, wounds, sores, itchiness and other irritations. It is not suitable for allergic and hyper sensitive skin too. Stop using if any sign of irritation, consult doctor if needed. Do not use more than 1 time within a month. Results may vary according to individuals, lifestyle, health and skin condition.

Now I do not have to worry about removing the hardened skin in the hard way as this foot mask can simply remove my hardened skin with few simple and easy steps. Try this yourself and you will be amazed by the results between 5 - 7 days. Visit Hermo and get this awesome product now! (: Fret not, they have 14 days refundable policy and free shipping if you purchase more than 2 items. (:

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