Glenmorangie Party at Neverland, KL ❤

It's been awhile since I partied and this is my first time partying with Manoah. Thank you Don for this opportunity to enjoy free flow of lingering citrus-vanilla notes of the Glenmorangie Original!~

My night started by taking photos with the Glenmorangie backdrop and followed by partying with a pair of rugged orange specs with LED lights. You will see a lot of photos of myself more in this post because I'm too shy to make friends with anyone except Cindy. =/ (P/s: I am a lousy blogger)

My #ootn - I know I need to lose weight. I look super fat here. =/

With my cool LED orange specs (: 

Pretty Cindy and I. (:

I am sorry if I never approach any of the bloggers because I am a very shy person. I don't really know how to initiate a conversation with girls. I'll try my best to come and talk to each of you in future. I am so sorry. T.T 

Before I forgot, I wanna thank my +1 for accompanying me. (: Normally when it comes to events at clubs, he would accompany me because he has more experiences than me. :P He is a clubbing king back in degree life and now he claimed he retired from clubbing already. LOL!

Xiong and I (:

The performances by Thai singers were really awesome. They kick-started the night by singing a few relaxing covers before starting with awesome performances from Gentleman by PSY and etc.

He has an awesome voice. *wide grin*

I would like to apologise for the photos' quality because I did not bring my camera along. Kinda regretted for not bringing it because I thought that I did not have to bring since I was going to party all night. So bringing a camera along with me will be pretty inconvenient for me to dance. ):

So in this post, you would see lousyquality photos here. Sorry readers! iPhone 5 camera can't take good photos at night. *sad*

All the Thai dancers are really hot and sexy. I want their skinny bodies. T.T How I wish I can have that hot figure. =/ All of them can dance really well. (:

Left the party around 1 am because I was a bit tired. Had 5 hours of sleep the night before so I can't stand any longer. =/ However, I had fun with the awesome performances by the Thai dancers. Was hoping to watch DJ Roxy June but I think I was too tired to stay any longer.

Last but not least, a photo of the cool LED specs to end the post. Thank you Don for the invites and opportunity to party with the awesome bloggers! Sorry to the girls and boys out there for being not friendly. =/ Was a bit shy but I'll improve on it when I see you guys in next events alright? (:

P/s: Happy Monday everyone! Two days more to go for vacation with my familia (:

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