Dockers 'Fall Into Khaki' Fall/Winter 2013 Collection ❤

Was cordially invited to attend this Dockers 'Fall Into Khaki' Fall Winter Collection which was held at Chandan Gallery at Publika. Thank you Don from Manoah for the invitation. I was late for the event that night as I had to work for additional two hours in office before I can leave for the event. Sad. :(

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Some of the Dockers Fall/Winter Collection.

Somehow when I got there, the fashion show was already on-going. I managed to capture part of the fashion show before it ended. I was delighted to witness the Dockets 'Fall Into Khaki' Fall/Winter 2013 Collection. Every piece from the collection was cool and rugged. I love how the models dressed this way. *drool* With the theme “Fall into Khaki”, it draws inspiration from many of the local arts and trade movements, offering a palette of colours and textures along with corresponding tops to go with them.

Shot #1

Dockers Fall/Winter 2013 product range is complete with a solid foundation of both rugged and refined design options, each with the special, creative details unique to the northern region. This season, craft, along with the skilled techniques of a stone cutter and the delicate precision executed by skilled book-binders, typographers and print-setters have inspired the Dockers’ design team’s attention to detail, creating a collection of timeless, superior design-solutions that, like any good book, will only improve with time and use.

   Shot #2

This season sees a lot of blue, purple, grey and green which are inspired by the region’s maritime heritage. As a result of these influences, Dockers’ design takes all of these creative, local touches and applies them to the masculine design, producing a diverse mix of casual and stylish collection. The newly expanded Alpha Collection includes an assortment of head-to-toe designs, including Alpha Tops and two new Alpha Khaki pants.

Pretty Daphne Iking as one of the emcee that night.

There were performances after the fashion show. There were refreshments as well. Food were sponsored by Chinoz.. *drool* There were champagne and carbonated drinks to serve the guests too. (:

Models were posing outside the backdrop for photo-taking session.

Not forgetting a photo of yours truly with the backdrop too. :P

My #OOTD. Flew straight from work which is why I looked so formal here.

Chinoz On The Park

Yummy~~ *nom nom*

Thank you Dockers for the thoughtful gifts. I can have new casual bag for myself! Yay! *jump with joy*

Pretty thumbdrive of Dockers logo. Cool! =D

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