Hennessy Night with MY Hennessy App Launch ! ❤

Was cordially invited by Don from Manoah to attend this glamourous Hennessy Night with the rest of the bloggers at The Butter Factory, KL last Thursday. It was also the new MY Hennessy App launch that night. *winkz* I knew it was a public holiday the next day, so I took this opportunity to party with the rest of the pretty bloggers. *teehee*

From L-R: Suting, Hennessy model, Roslyn, Uni, Yumi and Hennessy model

Pretty much happy with that night because I got to know number of few new friends. Remember I told you guys in my previous Glenmorangie party post, I would try to mingle with the bloggers in future? Yes. I did it! I think I made it. I am finally brave enough to mix with the bloggers who attended that night.

The launch of MY Hennessy App (:

It was also my first time attended the Hennessy Night event as VIP. All the VIP tables were located upstairs and the air cond was wayyy too cold for me. *shiver* Thank god I was smart enough of not wearing dress to The Butter Factory. The last time I attended the Hennessy KYRIOS Party, I wore dress and I shivered whole night.

My #OOTN for Hennessy Night. (:

I was impressed with the designs of the VIP area. Pretty much like a traditional English house with unique mirrors hanging on the wall. I might sound like a hooligan here but this is really my first time attending the event as VIP. (:

Coupon for us to redeem the Hennessy V.S.O.P (:

In fact all of us were given free flow Hennessy V.S.O.P but I tried not to drink too much as I would be driving back home alone. I reached there around 9 pm and the whole club was still empty. So we chilled for awhile while waiting for the rest to come.

Thank you to Jaz Khai for helping us to take us amazing photos in the club. I guess I can throw away my iPhone since DSLR always the best camera to take the night scenes. I love the photos taken by him. Thank you so much. Photos credit to Jaz Khai. (:

#1 - All the girls with Don. (Guys out there don't be jealous. LOL)

#2 - Uni, Roslyn, Me, Suting, Yuki and Yumi. (:

 #3 - Kelly, Uni, Yukiko, *me*, Roslyn, Suting and Yumi.

Pretty Jessy and I. Nice knowing you that night. (: 

#4 - The girls again. *wide grin*

With Jaz Khai himself. (:

Manoah team. (:

That night I also spotted Daphne who is Jane Chuck's bff and took a short with her. She is so slim. *envy* She looks good in blond. How I wish I have the courage to dye blond like her. Hmm.

The only photo I took with Daphne. Photo credits to Uni. Thank you girl! (:

 Last but not least, a photo taken with Roslyn before we went home. 

Overall, this Hennessy night was really awesome because I got to know each of the bloggers who attended that night pretty well. Had fun drinking and chitchatting with the girls and Don himself. Thank you so much for the invite and hope to attend the second Hennessy Night party with all of them again! (:

P/s: To those who have not downloaded the MY Hennessy App, please do so because you will get a lot of rewards if you join the challenges given. In fact, you will get to redeem exclusive Hennessy merchandises from the app. So hurry up and download now!~ Thank you Hennessy and Manoah once more! xoxo

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