The Butterfly Project' - The Spa Party ❤

Thank you so much to The Butterfly Project Malaysia for organizing The Spa Party which was held exactly a month ago. Was pretty excited for the event but too bad the day before I was having terrible nausea and vomiting. So I was very weak. *sigh* But definitely this won't bring my mood down because I waited for the moment to arrive after so long. *whee* I was happy to meet all my girlfriends. It's the best time to reunite with all of them. (:

Thank you Posh! Nail Spa for the venue. The interior of the nail spa is really pretty. Purple color is always my favourite. *teehee*

Each blogger was given a piece of redemption coupon to redeem free mask, manicure, pedicure, facial and massage. Felt so loved! Awesome possum! (:  

Despite all the awesome massage, pedicure, manicure and etc, finger food provided by Good Friends Cafe were served to fill in our tummy in case we were too hungry during the spa party. 

Good Friends Cafe served macaroons, fried organic tofu, red velvet cupcake, seaweed spicy tuna, mini lemongrass chicken sliders with beetroot burger bun and iced lemon tea. (:

Besides that, thank you Tres Chic, the party planner for decorating the venue with pink and purple party props. The balloons are soooo pretty! (:

Other than that, thank you Posh! Nail Spa for the awesome manicure and pedicure session. The manicurists and pedicurists are really good. Will go for their service one day! (:

 Thank you Miss Anna for her superb service. I love the foot scrub a lot.

While removing my current nail polish before painting the new color.

I chose purple color for my toe nails. (:

I was the first few people to go for pedicure session and Li Chuen and Caroline joined me as well. (:

This is Li Chuen (: 

After that, we went for photo-session from Fotobox where all the girls would love :P 

A photo of myself with Li Chuen with all the party props. (:

After that, a short speech was given by Tammy before the fashion show started. 

Tammy looked cute in her bath robe with the pink rabbit hair band (:

Tammy posed for my camera. Thank you! :)

Who's The Next Top Model by PinkNProper showcased the latest prom collection and SS13 collection worn by Chency, Lisa, Amelie, Audrey, Jennifer, Choulyin, Alice, Sarah, Angeline, Cindy and Kah Mon. (:

All the models whom showcased the SS13 and Prom collection by PinkNProper.

Group photo session. (: 

After the fashion show, I went for my manicure session and while waiting, I took a shot of Li Chuen doing hers.

My manicure of the day. Isn't it pretty? (:

Posed with giant Havaianas fit flop and I know my face looked pretty sick. ): I was still in recovering process though. Sigh.

Piggy-back the giant Havaianas. :P

I even took a few photos with some of the blogger friends.

Kah Mon, yours truly and Amelie.

Jennifer and I. (:

Caroline and I. 

Cindy and I.

Chency and I.

Yin Yin and I. (:

I also redeemed the Timeless Truth mask from the mask booth. Miss Sue Anne taught me a lot of tips on which mask should I use according to the skin.

I finally redeemed Miracle Rejuvenation Mask because I want to try on the 3D mask which firms up my skin. (:

The party ended at 5.30 pm and I continued partying at another place. Teehee! It was a wonderful Saturday for me. Thank you Butterfly Project for the awesome spa party with all my girlfriends. (:

Thank you Only Beauty, PinkNProper, TT Mask Malaysia, Johnson and Johnson, Havaianas Malaysia, Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo, Aspen Spa and Body Shop for the awesome goodies. (:

Thanks to all the sponsors for making the spa party a successful one! 

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