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I always love Japanese makeup back in those days because they can create different looks from a few make up products. Anyway recently, I attended BCL Kawaii Makeup Workshop which was organized by Mandom Malaysia to introduce some of their best selling products from BCL.  I was lucky enough to attend this workshop as Mr Tanabe, the makeup artist flew all the way from Japan to teach us on how to apply makeup using BCL products. *jump with joy*

Mr Tanabe and his model.

As I know there are four looks which are the latest trend in Tokyo which are Shibuya Girl, Harajuku Girl, Akihabara Girl and Yokohama Girl. Shibuya Girl brings some confident and cool look followed by Harajuku Girl which brings pop and sweet look. As for Akihabara Girl, it brings dolly and natural look and Yokohama Girl brings fairy and elegant look.

This workshop was conducted by Mr Tanabe from Japan who has great experience in beauty industry. He frequently appears on Japan TV shows and magazines, imparting his knowledge on his exquisite techniques. In this workshop, Mr Tanabe taught us on how to create Harajuku Girl look. To those who doesn’t know, Harajuku Girl loves accessories, casual and colourful clothes and it will definitely look young and cute like teenager! (:

Lucky enough I was in this session because I want to look young and cute like teenager because I practically a working lady now who doesn’t look young and cute anymore. =/ But too bad I forgot to bring my camera again. How could I miss such moments with awesome people around me? But thank god I have two phones with me to capture those moments! (:

 Clearlast Face Powder

Mr Tanabe used Clearlast Face Powder as the base makeup for longer lasting makeup. The powder had to be put round and round for glossy skin. There are two types of Mat Ocher or Shiro-Hada (White and Brilliant) Ocher. Oh boy, the packaging is so damn cute especially with the pink puff and with the black ribbon on it. Never was I had seen such cute puff powder. *thumbs up*

Browlash Ex With Eyebrow Pencil and Liquid

The next step was to apply eyebrow. This is one of the most unique eyebrow products I have ever seen. This Browlash Ex With Eyebrow Pencil and Liquid comes with double tip of pencil and liquid which I find it very useful for me. It has two colours which is Natural Brown and Greyish Brown. To fully utilise the double tip, draw the eyebrow using the eyebrow pencil from the outer corners of the brows, to the middle and to the start of the brows. This will eventually create the natural looking effect. As for the liquid liner, fill up the gaps and you can finally achieve the bold looking eyebrows! *hooray*

Mr Tanabe was so kind enough to teach all of us on how to apply the eyebrow as you guys know that eyebrow is the hardest part to be applied. 

 Mr Tanabe helped Calista to apply the eyebrow.
Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow

Mr Tanabe later taught us on how to apply eye shadow. When I first got hold of the eye shadow, I was telling myself, “This is the eyeshadow? How come it look like a pencil to me?” This Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow which comes in Bronze Brown and Light Brown. To apply this eye shadow (using the pink colour), start it from the edge of the eyes to create this Harajuku girl look and apply it evenly on your eyelids. After that, apply on the lower lash line to create the pop and sweet look.

Makemania Data Pencil Gel Eyeliner

Next one is the Makemania Data Pencil Gel Eyeliner in Jet Black and Deep Brown. Gel liner normally comes in bottle form and this is my first time seeing gel liner in pencil form. This would be a great gel liner as I just apply at any amount of gel liner I like by twisting it. To create this Harajuku Girl look, draw a very thin line close to lash line and pull the line downwards.

 Browlash Ex Water Strong Liner (Forgot to take photo of the eyeliner. Sorry guys! Pic credits to Sasa.com)

Now here comes BCL’s best-selling waterproof eyeliner which is Browlash Ex Water Strong Liner. This eyeliner can last up to 24 hours without smudging. *thumbs up* To darken the line drawn using the gel liner, use the liquid eyeliner. It will make the eyes look bigger. 

 Browlash Ex Mascaras! 
One my favourite product from BCL is their mascara. To own long eyelashes, we need three steps using the Browlash Ex Mascaras. The first step is the Browlash Ex Volume Lash Fiber which creates the volume up to 200%. 

 Browlash Ex Volume Lash Fiber

This is then followed by Browlash Ex Lash Curler Express. This Lash Curler creates curler lashes without using eyelash curler! Brush the lashes from the roots and hold the brush for about 3 seconds at the edge of the lashes before brushing out. You will now have curled eyelashes on the spot! *teehee*

 Browlash Ex Lash Sculpture
Next step is the Browlash Ex Lash Sculpture which has a unique comb that can separate the eyelash as you brush along and at the same time it works miracle by extending the eyelash even longer (up to 130 % long). You can actually see the different in the lashes after applying these 3 mascaras. 

 You can see the difference in the eyelashes after the mascara application.

After that, Mr Tanabe finish up with the blusher and lip gloss to complete the Harajuku Girl look. Taadaa!!! 
Makemania Data Essence Rouge Gloss

Tsururi Ghassoul Paste

Another awesome invention product from BCL is their Tsururi Ghassoul Paste. This paste acts to remove clogged pores, grease leaving skin smooth, bright and beautiful. Ghassoul (Moroccan lava clay) and Andean rock salt, and charcoal absorbs dirt and grease from pores effectively and naturally and also contains 6 kinds of natural essential oils to create refreshing herbal floral scent.

The model posing with the pretty BCL balloons. Whee~

Here's a before and after makeup photo to see the difference. You can actually see the bigger eyes after the makeup and I achieved a longer lashes after the 3 mascaras application. (Sorry guys. I forgot to take the photos of the mascara application)

Yours truly. (:

On the other hand, I was very happy to meet up with all my blogger friends after so long. Finally I got to meet Jennifer since our Spa Party at TTDI back in June. Ahh~~ How much I miss her! (:

Photos taken with the bloggers (Jennifer, Chency, Carolyn, Michelle, Calista, Julie, Amelie and Kah Mon) and not forgetting the man in black, Don who gave me the exclusive invite to attend this BCL workshop. Thank you so much Don! (:

It was really my pleasure to attend this workshop as I got to know more friends and more Japanese makeup tips from this workshop. I gotta learn on how to be kawaii already! Lol!

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