Marquee Lounge Grand Launch Party ❤

It was on Wednesday that night and I was looking forward to attend Marquee Lounge Grand Launch Party that day. Dressed myself in black peplum dress and paired up with a pair of nude heels which made the outfit of the night. 

Outfit of the night.

It's been awhile since I went clubbing and finally I had the opportunity to club in a newly launched club around Bukit Bintang area. Located at BB Park which is the opposite Plaza Low Yat), this area is always an area for party goers to hang around after working hours. (: 

in case you don't know, you are able to see the Marquee Lounge from afar as the lounge is located just outside the entrance.  

 Marquee Lounge entrance. 

I was rather early that night and the club was still not filled with lotsa people. While waiting for the rest of the blogger friends, I went to the upstairs and enjoyed a glass of champagne.  

 Here's some of the girls who attended the grand launch that night. L-R: Julie, Cindy, Michelle, Calista, Joanna, Choulyin, Catherine and yours truly. (:

Marquee wass kind enough to shower us all with endless supply of drinks. On the table that night itself would already be 2 bottles of Gold Label and 2 bottles of Champagne. I did not like the taste of champagne at first but later I started to enjoy drinking it. *yum yum* 

The ambience here is good. I enjoy the music that the DJ played that night. Too bad I worked the next day or else I would have partay longer with the girls~ Sorry! ): However it was really my pleasure knowing the girls that night and of course not forgetting Manoah for the invitation! (:

Anyway check out some of the photos that Jaz Khai had taken for us that night.

With Jean and Michelle. (:

With the girls! Woot!

 Photo credits to Jaz Khai. (:

Overall, the music that the DJ played were good. I do hope to go again one day with my friends and enjoyed the champagne! This Marquee Lounge is definitely a place worth to visit!

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