[Food Review] 798 Shabu Shabu ❤

My first food review from Foodirector. Thank you Jackson Khoo for organizing amazing food review session with the rest of the bloggers. 

Anyway does anyone have any idea on why is the restaurant named 798 Shabu Shabu? 798 Shabu Shabu is located at Sunway Pyramid which is only few minutes drive from my house. I can actually walk to the place but it's better not to due to the crime rate nowadays. (:

Have you ever wonder why is the shop named after 798 because it has 7 types of meat slices (free flow some more!), 8 types of  special sauces and 9 types of homemade soup base.

Practically, there 7 types of meat slices which are beef slices, chicken slices, pork slices, Dori fish slices, abalone slices, lamb slices and venison slices,

8 types of  special sauces were served the other day and I must say that I am not a fan of sauces. I prefer to have all my meats, vegetables and fish balls served in original taste. So I can't give much comments on the special sauces. Nevertheless, these special sauces are worth trying for those who love to dip their food with sauces. (:

On the other hand, the interior of the restaurant is simple with tables and chairs but of course not forgetting each person has its own hot pot and induction cooker. I do not need to worry about fighting over food with people. :P

Free flow drinks were served from water chestnut and etc and I must say that their choice of free flow drinks are exceptionally good. Normal restaurant would have give me carbonated drinks which I find it common everywhere.

As for the noodles, balls, greens and etc, there were so many choices to choose from. I personally not a big eater, so I only selected a few of my favourite and enjoyed them a lot. *yum yum*

I dare not took a lot of food because it is stated in the menu that any 100 gram wastage of food will cost RM10.00. So I took the portion which was just right for my tummy. (:

9 types of homemade soup base which consist of the main soups (pork bone clear soup, tomyam soup, pepper soup, herbal soup) and daily soups which according to the days of the week (Monday - Bak Kut Teh soup, Tuesday - spicy soup, Wednesday - kimchi soup, Thursday - miso soup and Friday - winter melon soup). I picked herbal soup because it's always been my favourite soup ever since I was young. The boxthorn fruits in the soup is definitely good for the eyes.

Herbal Soup

As you can see below, here's some of the food that we have taken to try on and dip with the soup.

The vegetables, balls, sausages and noodles were exceptionally fresh and it's worth trying.

I would rate this 7 out of 10 as the herbal soup was kinda tasteless. But overall the food was fresh and tasted good. Of course with the good companion to make my day. Thank you Foodirector for organising such an awesome food review for bloggers. Thank you. (:

798 Shabu Shabu
OB.K6-0B.K7, Oasis Boulevard, 
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,3, 
Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-56322798, HP: 016-4149900

Operation Hour: 
Lunch: 11.00 am - 5.00 pm 
Dinner: 5.00 pm - 11.00 pm 

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