Oktoberfest – For The Love Of Beer ❤

Next month which is Oktoberfest month is only few days away from now! Are you all excited? Cause I am super excited for it! *jump with joy*

It's one of favourite month which marks my first year working with the current company and also my favourite party month! :P Not only that, Nuffnang will be organizing one of the biggest food fest which is the Nuffnang FoodFest (#NNFoodFest), which is Malaysia's first ever tw(eat) fest! 

 Photo credits to www.nnfoodfest.com (:

 You will just have to tweet to eat only. Isn't that cool? So just come with your smartphones and powerbanks on that day! (:

On top of that, you can quench your thirst on the day with the choice of GAB brand beers which is Heineken, Guinness and Tiger beers! (:

 Photo credits to Nuffnang. (: 

In the NNFoodfest, I would like to share my 6 pints of beer with .......

Anne from Nuffnang!

Why did I choose Anne? Because I want to share my joy and excitement with Anne during the NNFoodFest. 

Secondly the next person that I want to share my 6 pints with is Xiong.

Xiong and I. (:

He is a heavy drinker back then and I am sure he loves the beers from Heineken, Tiger and Guinness! (:

Last but not least, I would like to share my 6 pints with my sister, Jamie!

She loves to drink beer a lot and I guess she will be enjoying sipping her beer while tweeting to get food during NNFoodFest. Heheh! :P 

For more info, check out  https://www.facebook.com/OktoberfestMY. NNFoodFest I am coming! (: 

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