CNBlue Samsung Galaxy Blue Moon Tour Concert + Press Conference 2013 ❤

It was really my pleasure to attend CNBlue's first performance in National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur on last Saturday. Thank you Samsung Malaysia and Manoah for the once-a-lifetime opportunity to witness my favourite Kpop boy band, CNBLUE! *jump with joy*

My chio friends, Amelie and Chency (:

To those who did not know, recently I just received a Samsung S4 as a gift from my boss aka applicator. Was really surprised to receive the gift as it's not a cheap gift. And I will be fully utilizing this precious gift of mine for work and blog purposes. Took Samsung S4 with me to the concert and I was simply astonished with the photos quality taken using S4. You guys can check out those photos below especially photos taken at night. It's the perfect timing to have Samsung S4 right before the CNBLUE concert! Yay! (:  But no worries guys, I still won't abandon my iPhone 5 ok? (:

Anyway back to the topic. it was my second time attending concert and I had no freaking idea on where is National Stadium not until I called Yuki for direction. I made it right on time and managed to take a few photos with my blogger friends outside before I went in with my sister. I dragged my little sister along with me because I knew it would be awesome to have her with me since she never been to a concert before. :P

To those who don't know, here's a photo of my little sister, Jamie and I.

Right after I went into the stadium, it was not as hot as the previous G Dragon concert I had attended before in Bukit Jalil stadium. I was placed at the VVIP zone and boy it was almost full. There were people who came all the way from Thailand just to watch this CNBLUE concert. They must be a huge fan of CNBLUE I guess. (:

Their performance was super duper awesome with the musical instruments such as electric guitars, drums and etc. Who could actually believe that they can even speak good Malay words with us during the performance and it was real perfect!

Yong-hwa, the lead vocalist. My idol!! 

I admired Yong-hwa's performance that night especially he could dance, sing and play instrument at the same time. Despite singing the whole day, his voice was still perfect and he still managed to impress all of us. (:

While waiting for the next performance, sis and I camwhored using the new feature in Samsung S4. The front camera was real good and it could still capture good photo of my sister and I during at night. I was impressed that night.

They even performed their old song from Bluetory album, I'm A Loner which is one of my favourite song for that album.

Look at the pretty colors at the stage. *wide grin*

They ended the concert at 10.30 pm and while I was on my way out from the stadium, I managed to capture a selca shot of Celyx and I at the exit. You are awesome babe! (:

My dear Celyx babe and I. (:

No words can ever describe my feelings that night. Oh ya, do check out the video that I have uploaded in Youtube. This is my first Youtube video. (: Hope you guys enjoy watching it! *wide grin*

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By the way, I also attended the press conference as well and I was super excited to meet CNBLUE in person!! *drool* Never in my life I have the chance to meet them so closely before.Thank you so much to Samsung Malaysia and Manoah for the invitation!

Photo credits to Yuki. (:

Was a bit late for the press conference and thank god I did not miss any of the chances during the session. Seriously amazed with their proficiency in speaking Malay. *wide grin* Anyway, below is the video taken by NewsKaki because my camera batt ran dry before I manage to record videos. 

Credits to for the youtube video.

Thank you Samsung Malaysia and Manoah once again for the priceless opportunity to meet with CNBLUE personally. This is truly an amazing experience for me. (:

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