Lipstiq Summer Party at Hilton PJ ❤

This would be my first time attending summer party organized by I would like to apologise for this freaking late post. I know I procrastinate a lot! Sorry guys! Been caught up with work for the past few weeks and only last week I was free to update my blog not until during my long weekend for Malaysia Day celebration. (Something happened that long weekend that I had to go back hometown. Sigh.)

Lipstiq's crew team. They are so nice and friendly. (:

Lipstiq sticker!

Anyway back to the topic though. It was a sunny Saturday and I decided to wear my sleeveless bright colour blouse to pair it with long jeans. I know the party was held at the poolside but I can't wear shorts that day because I had to attend another event right after the party. Bear in mind that it was bright and sunny that I was sweating. =.=

It's been awhile since I visited Hilton PJ. The last time I came here was my cousin's wedding few years back.

The weather was so hot that day but thanks to for being so considerate that they provided each of us a handmade paper fan for us. (: So sweet!

The paper fan made by the team.

While waiting for the rest to arrive, we took number of photos around and managed to capture a few awesome shots with the props that they provide. I personally love the photo below taken with Angeline's sunglasses. (:

Thank you Angeline for borrowing your sunglasses as the photo props. (:

Since the weather is so damn hot, I tried to camwhore awhile before my makeup melts at the end of the day. (: *hee*

A selfie shot with the paper fan.

I did not go there with friends and it was so coincidence enough to meet some of the blogger friends there. Yay! (:

With ma friends (:

Another shot of us again. :P

Emcee of the day was the Editor in-Chief for, Miss Elfie Jane.

There were Sorella Lingerie Fashion Show by Amber Chia Academy, skin care tips and styling tutorials with Bravado t-shirts.

Shot #1

Shot #2

The event was filled with cool musics from Universal Music Malaysia and there were some awesome prizes from Nokia, Spritzer, Skinfood, Luxola, Sorella and others.

A beauty blogger, BisouBonBon taught us on how to make pimple paste, scalp masque and eczema oat milk bath on that day. Check out her blog for more info:

 Light refreshments were served to fill in our hungry tummy.
You know girls always love taking photos and I would not want to miss it definitely. Lol! I am happy to meet up with my friend after so long. We used to work together for a Nokia event and we met up after 2 years!

Kelly Chan, she is one of the model that day. (:

With Kelly. (:

A shot with Angeline and yours truly. (:

I was lucky enough to win two sets of mini water dispenser from Spritzer! You guys can check the video below to see what were the agendas of the day. (:

On the front cover of their uploaded video! *shy shy*

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