Mary Quant Workshop at Muse by Watsons ❤

Was lucky enough to attend Mary Quant beauty workshop on a beautiful Saturday morning with the rest of the bloggers. The workshop took place at Muse by Watsons at Sunway Pyramid which is only two minutes drive from my house. Heheh!

Even though I stayed here for almost a year and yet I am still not familiar with the shops in Sunway Pyramid and super thanks to my sister that she showed me the shop the day before so that I would not have the trouble looking for the shop on Saturday morning like crazy girl. (: First and foremost, million thanks to Manoah and Mandom for the opportunity to attend this workshop. Also not forgetting to Miss Takaki for flying here all the way from Japan to guide us in using Mary Quant cosmetics products. 

 Miss Takaki and her model of the day. (:

Does anyone know that Mary Quant was established since 1966 with the brand concept "Freedom and Individual - Be Free, Be Yourself"?


To "be free, be yourself" means to value your own way of life. We will continue to provide products and services that resonate with our smart customers who value their own way of life, regardless of age, helping to give them the freedom to be themselves.
Down the ages, we want our brand to be supported by women who aren’t constrained by convention, but who are driven by curiosity. For this reason we value quality, design and a sense of fun in everything we do, from products through to services. 

-Mary Quant-

Their brand signature - Black Daisy which is a cute, amusing symbol was born of Mary Quant's scribbles in her childhood.

Miss Takaki showed us on how to apply the eyeshadows. There are more than 50 shades of shadows to suit your mood and outfit. Not only that, you get to pick and choose whatever eyeshadow you like and put in the palette as it is sold separately. (:

Eye Opener - RM49 per colour.

Miss Takaki was kind enough to teach us step by step on how to apply eyebrow, eyeshadow, lipstick, blusher and highlighter. (: She had all the preps done like applying make up base on the model's face before she started off with eyebrow application.

Applying eyebrow is never easy because I can never get the right shape and balanced size of the both brows. But with Miss Takaki's help, I learnt on how to apply step by step. (: I always admire how girls out there have beautiful eyebrows without having to apply them each time because I have a scar on my brow which makes me hard to apply on it. I was pretty depressed each time I look at my brow because I fell down from the stairs at the age of 9 and knocked on the head which left the scar till now. =(

Next step was to apply the eyeliner. Mary Quant has two types of eyeliner which is the liquid eyeliner and the colour pencil. The liquid eyeliner comes in three colours which is Ebony Black, Barbwire Grey and Cocoa Brown as for the colour pencil, it comes in 20 colours. This colour pencil can be used to draw the lip as well. The price for liquid eyeliner is RM99 while the colour pencil is RM59.

The price of  the colour pencil (Outline) is RM59.

Not only that, I was pretty amazed with the variety colours of Action Lashings - Lengthening Mascara. Mary Quant's original two-sided coil and chip brush, which features the short braised bristles on one side and the oil gel formula gives the mascara its elasticity, together create the sharp, spectacularly long lashes. With anti-fading effects and waterproofing effects, they enable the maintenance of beautifully upward-curling lashes and thoroughly preventing smudging on the eyelid.

Look at the vibrant colours for the mascara. This mascara costs RM109 and you get to pick the colours you like to suit your look. (: I tried on the Lac Rose and the color was so pretty because I wore peach colour that day. (:

Miss Takaki chose a lighter red of lipstick for the model. 

The Moisture Rich Lipstick which is priced at RM108 is normally applied before  you apply the Colourshine for Lips which is the lip gloss. The smooth texture adheres securely to the lips and adds volume to the lips too. It can also prevent stickiness when the mouth is opened or closed. With these Moisture Rich Lipstick and Colourshine for Lips application, the create long-lasting and beautiful finish.

Colourshine for Lips comes in 8 shades and the price is RM99.

As for the Mary Quant Oil Zap, it functions as the oil control makeup base which provides a dry, matte finish, as if you have applied powder. It also prevents makeup from coming off by controlling shine due to excess sebum.

Blush Baby - RM75 for per colour. 

Mary Quant Blush Baby is a cheek blush which has 14 colours to choose from. These colours give more attractive finish with various textures such as lame or pearl.

Here's the complete look of the model that day. (:

Kelly tried on the lipstick. (:

Miss Takaki applied the eyeshadow on Yumi's eyes. Miss Takaki matched  the eyeshadow according to her matching outfit.

A shot of Charmaine and I. (:

With Choulyin and I.  (:

With Ruby and I. (: 

Beautiful goodie bags were given to the bloggers that day and each goodie bags come with a stalk of white sunflower. So pretty! (:

Seriously I can't wait to try out the eye opener, blush baby and lipstick from Mary Quant. Will do a review on these products soon! For more information, check out their website: and it is now available at Muse by Watsons now. Thank you for reading!

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