the chemistry of the bond. =)

i am looking forward to it...that will give me at least a week break to run from facing the truth. i am learning to become more and more childish nowadays. thanks to my little baby who helped me to transform into such young girl. *laugh* almost every second, both of us will make something silly. i had told her that she really influenced me a lot. the janice she used to know since she was young was a coward girl. never ever once make her family proud of her. always make her parents upset and disappointed. haih. but right now, she changed me a lot. that is why i am very thankful to have her. =)

i am glad that she will always beside me. having her in my life is the best gift from god. she helps me a lot especially in giving advice, solving problems and most importantly, she helps me to stand up for myself. as she knows, i am always a weak sister in her heart. lolx. WHY do i said so?

first, i cant protect myself. secondly, i am a soft-hearted girl (which means i am weak right?? )
thirdly, i am stupid. (you know what i mean baby...:P ) frankly speaking, my sister is a tough and hardworking girl. she studies. she sleeps. she eats. and she even good at COMPUTER. hehe. but there is one thing that she is not good at. i guessed she knows what i mean. haha. what a bad sister you have girl. :P

i love her being straight forward to me. whenever she is angry, her cute and chubby face makes me wanna pinch her more. after all, i am good at making her laugh. hehe. the countdown to the national service is just in few weeks time. hmm. gonna miss her jokes and laughter.

i always tell her that she is the best sister in the world. but she keeps ignoring it. ignoring the facts!! haha. never mind. i will just have to keep in mind. and i wouldnt tell her that anymore. hehe.

besides, i always hope that she will further her studies in kl after her spm. so that i can spend more time with her. hmm. the one and only way to keep her beside me. haha. i know i am being selfish. i think after all i am the only one who get the advantages more. :P sorry girl. lolx.

how time flies. a quick glance back to our childhood. we were young at that time when three of us being naughty at home. fighting over toys and quarrelling among us. and now all of us have grown up. we have learn to cherish each other. each of us are busy chasing our own dreams and not wanting to disappoint our parents. when we were young, we always aim to be grown ups so that we can help to contribute to the societies later on. right now, i do not want to grow older because i am leaving my home to chase after my dreams. =( i felt sad for them especially when my siblings and i are leaving them for studies making my parents feel lonely.

the bond i have in my heart will always in my mind. please bear in my mind that do not let money destroy our family bond. family bond is always the best. even when we are too poor, we should not let money betray us.

few days more to go. am looking forward to it. hope it will make me forget my sad moments in taiping. and no one would ever understand me more than my little sister. baby, good luck in everything you do okay? make us proud of you. ehe. muackss... =)