i have everything you said in me.

YES!! you are sure to be right! definitely it is right! everything she had said to me was the best words to describe me. she just makes me admire her for saying people like that! but PLEASE!! do consider your own situation before you start commenting people. don't ever judge people through others. i NEVER ever said i am strong. i am powerful. i am the ruler. and i DON'T conquer the world around me. i always believe in fate. because of FATE, i get to know each and everyone of you. because of fate i get to know a lot of friends.

You guys make me change my impression towards you and now you started to say you are disappointed in me? those words were coming out from your mouth and you hurt me a lot. i knew i might hurt you as well. never ever once people said that to me even when we were arguing. they always advice me in a proper way making me appreciate what they have done to me.. after all what i want is the words coming out from your mouth and blurt everything out right onto my FACE. i will accept it if you just scold right in front of me. but too BAD you didn't do so.

i am not who you think i am. i am who i think i am!!!!!!!!!! don't always blame yourself to ask for sympathy from friends. only idiot people will think that you are pitiful!!!!! you are not in my shoes, don't assume you know everything about me!!

The worst situation was you were sad cause i hurt your friend and you came right after to blame me. i didn't even know what was going on. and you said i hurt a friend of yours? alright.. maybe that was the previous incident happened before making you feel that i hurt her. but why cant your friend just tell me straight? and why would you have to go through a cycle where i knew how i hurt her from you?

Maybe the word 'close' isn't the best to describe us yet. for all i know, friends never end up in such condition. definitely after a few minutes of fight, we will be back to normal. but we didn't in the end. and i knew what went wrong already. i am very disappointed. =( never mind. after all, any mistakes that had been done couldn't be rewinded back. i just wished my new life begin at this moment. =)

Lastly, i don't judge friends like this. after all, now i know i love my friends a lot even though we used to have arguments since we were in secondary school. i used to think that we were kinda childish at that moment. but i really love you guys a lot. at least you guys brightened up my secondary school life. i am terribly sorry if i had hurt anyone of you. and thank you for the advice that you guys gave to me!! love you guys...muaxxx... =)