good mood.. haha

haha... guess what? i'm in the mood of blogging. lolx. i just do not have the idea of what to blog. perhaps blogging about what am i currently doing? hmm..nah ah.. i think that is not a great idea cause my lifestyle is rather boring everyday. what i do almost everyday are sleeping,eating, jogging and watching drama that my sis and i are currently addicted to.. hehee..

hmm.. nothing much to write. i am currently listening to jj's songs. been repeating the whole album about an hour ago. i am addicted to the songs since i saw jj sang the songs in show luo's tv show. i love all the songs in the album. his appearance in this new album was super cool.

last friday, he held a mini autograph session in ong's association in taiping. his dressing was cute. looks more like he is wearing a school uniform. (oops.. hope that he didnt see me writing that. :X)but he wore a hat. looks cute in it. but too bad, the audience wasnt supportive at all. compared with rynn's mini autograph session, jj's mini autograph session was dull.. no one cheered for him especially the one sitting behind my seats. i felt pity for jj. i had tried my best to cheer for him but still ....... haih....

i was totally upset with it. seemed like no one knew his new songs too. haih. would you call the audience as his fans? not knowing any songs from his album making me feel upset and disappointed for him. even though i'm not a big fan of his, at least i knew all his songs. hehe. (was admiring myself actually.. *puke*) i wasnt feel excited after all. i would rate this mini autograph session - 5/10. i'm so sorry, jj. but to me, you are the best. thanks for paying a visit to taiping. love you. muackss... =)

*currently listening to 'Wo Hai Xiang Ta' - JJ Lin
*in good mood
*dark weather ( going to rain again.. =( sobs )