linda is in town!!

Based on my caption above, i guess everyone will know what am i going to write right? well, im writing about my experience seeing a hk artist-Linda Chung in Taiping Sentral recently. an autograph session was held on 6th of december 2008 in Taiping Sentral. first time ever, i saw there was a big crowd gathering in taiping sentral just to see linda. everyone was very anxious to see her. i was supposed to work on that day, but i sneaked out just to see her cause i admire her a lot. hehe. hope no one complained to my supervisor on that day. lolx. the event supposed to start at 3pm but all of us kept on waiting for her till 3.40pm. while waiting for her to appear on stage, an emcee distributed linda's poster which were sponsored by bio-essence. currently linda is the ambassador for tanaka's white facial product of bio-essence. :)

the huge crowd of fans waiting for linda in the mall.

I didnt get the poster. never mind. cause im happy to see her. that is what i'm concerning about. hehe. initially i couldnt get a place to look closer at her. then, a friend of mine spotted a tiny little spaces between the KOSE poster boards and both of us sneacked in. haha. phoebe- dj came later to start the event. then here comes the talk of the day - LINDA CHUNG!! she was very tall and her skin is tanned. NICE!! i just admire her beauty. wow. no words to describe her. she is superb beautiful. =) she came on the stage and sang a few songs. i was busy taking her pictures and videos as well. eventually, i didnt really know her new songs. ehehe. so i wouldnt call myself a big fan of hers. after that, here comes her autograph session. i couldnt go up on the stage cause i didnt buy her album. then, i planned to go back after this. later i spotted engsoon and he told me kuo chin and way choon were there. there goes way choon and kuo chin. both of them are crazy of her. haha. i heard there was a crowd yelling "I LOVE CHUNG KAR YAN" at linda. haha. i guessed it must be way choon's gang. lolx.

phoebe- dj

linda with phoebe
linda was singing her new song
she was singing her new song

the side view of hers

I went and look for them. haha.i just cant describe the feelings of theirs. both of them stood so near the stage just to look closer at her. haha. pretty crazy huh? i managed to take a few pictures of her side views. half an hour later, she went back with her private body guards escorting her out from the mall. she was heading to penang after this autograph session for another one. i guessed the news of linda coming to my town is making me proud of my town. A Hong Kong artist would come to my town? haha. perhaps no one will believe that but it do happen. ehe. im glad. =)

the stage that was made specially for her autograph session.

linda's poster pasted outside the glass window of the mall.


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