a wonderful gathering. =)

I had a gathering with my convent friends on last sunday. we were supposed to meet up at Kenny Roger's. i reached there late due to certain reasons. sob. hate it. i had to drive one big round in order to reach tesco. that was why i was late. there were cycling expedition event held in lake garden. :( nicole and i reached there about 11.40am. our gathering was supposed to be at 11.15am. haih. i apologised to them. not many of our friends went there. only lay ann, jo ann, anita, annie, nicole and i. mostly all of our friends had gone back to local universities to continue their studies for 2nd semester. we had our brunch at Kenny Roger's. Anita still look the same. i think NO! even more skinny compared to when she was in secondary school. lolx. wonder how will she look like when she is pursuing her studies in New Zealand? haha. meanwhile nicole told me that she had gained weight. lolx. but i couldnt see that she is fat at all. hmm... by right she should say that i had grown fatter. cause singapore food can make me fat. lolx. after paying the bill, we walked around the mall. pretty boring! nothing new as usual. haha. we walked into the gift shop. the things that were displayed were cute and nice. hehe. later on, we headed to starbucks. nic wanted to go to starbucks badly. so we just went there and chit chatted. we went back about 2.30pm cause nic had to attend a wedding dinner at night in Penang. 

group picture in Kenny Roger's

nicole and i. best buddies forever. :D

i took this when anita is not alert to her surroundings. hehe

nic, jo and i. :D