HolidaY oF The yEaR 2008

i didn't get much time to update my blog for almost a week. i was supposed to update them but the internet wasn't free of charge. sob. been busy with my vacation with my family. i looked forward to it cause i got the chance to meet my brother. whee. =D he didnt come back to taiping cause he wanted to work there. i couldn't write much about my trip as i can't recall what did i do during the past one week.

1st day ----->

my dad woke me up at 6.50am. i was very sleepy though. (get used to it already.hehe) He has this habit where he will wake up very early to start his destination. we got ready our things and put our luggage into the car boot. and we started our journey at 8am. we stopped by at ipoh and reached there about 8.45am to have our breakfast and met my dad's friend as well. i had my favourite dimsum-s. hmm...yummy yummy! =) i couldnt eat much though it is my favourite cause my stomach was rather full. after breakfast, we headed strait to south which is Johor. supposingly, dad wanted to drive us to malacca to visit some of the historical places before we headed straight to Johor, but it was cancelled. dad continued his journey and reached Skudai about afternoon. my dad went to meet his friend in Skudai. (friends all over in Malaysia. haha. :P) we stayed one night in Skudai and stayed in a budget hotel. not bad for a budget hotel. i get to sleep in a comfortable and cosy bed. that night, we had dinner in a restaurant. oh gosh! i was very full. (no wonder i'm so fat) i couldnt breathe at all.. sob sob. :( hmm... hope to find a gym and did some workout. *sigh* after dinner, we went back to our room and took a nice sleep. :)


2nd day ----->

as usual my dad will wake us up early. that day i had to wake up early cause my dad's friend planned to come over and fetched us across singapore. dad's car had to leave in my dad's friend house for four days. initially, dad's friend told us to get ready by 7 or 7.30am cause he was afraid of traffic congestion. in the end, we waited till 9am for uncle to pick us up. uncle complained that the traffic were terrible. uncle told us that the new imigration centre was just started to operate.

the side view of the new imigration centre. good bye Malaysia!

hmm. there was only a way to lead to Woodlands. and the road was a winding road.making me almost puke. lolx. before we crossed over to Singapore, uncle Lee took us for brunch in Tampoi. again i was overloaded. =.=". right after our brunch, uncle Lee sent us to the hotel which was located in Kicthener road. there is a MRT station nearby and it was convenient and easy for us to take train. :) as soon as we reached the hotel, we headed straight to our room. we waited for my brother to meet us up. wonder how he looked like. hehe. could it be fatter or thinner? lolx. later he came and we walked to Farrer Park station without our dad. (my dad hated shopping. hee.) we took a train to Clarke Quay. there is a new shopping centre-Central over there. hmm..nice building! then, i took a few pictures of christmas decorations. :) (too lazy to upload. :P) there was a ice-skating performance regarding christmas. again i would say, NICE! uniquely done. a big applause to the performers!! brother bought us tiny donuts for us to try. :) then, we took a train to Chinatown and Bugis and did some shopping. brother again bought us cream puffs for our tea time.

Merry Christmas from Beard Papa. :)

my parents bought me a watch for my birthday. (though my birthday was over almost a month ago) :D thanks alot mummy and daddy. :D we reached hotel about 7pm cause we were going for dinner with uncle Lee again. :) again i was overloaded. =.=". thank god. the hotel i was staying had a gymnasium. whee..there goes my second day of trip. :)


3rd day ----->

i woke up early cause the gymnasium opened at 7am. went with my sister. we did some workout. i tried almost all the equipments. and i had a big sweat. :) after gym, we went back to our room and got ourselves ready for breakfast with uncle Lee. after breakfast, we took a train to Harbour Front and went to Vivo City.

heading to harbour front. :)

from Vivo City, we took a commuter to sentosa island. our first stop was merlion. the statue was so huge. we took a few pictures of it. then, we went to the highest part of the statue. i got to see the whole singapore. amazing views! :D next stop, we went to sky tower. this sky tower will turn 360 degree and goes up from a few hundred metres from the ground. (opps.couldnt recall how much metres from the ground already.) next, we headed to sentosa 4D magix. i would rate this 5stars out of 5 cause it was really fun and interesting. it was quite hard for me to describe it here. so why not you guys go and have a try? :D our last stop was fort siloso tour. this was quite boring. it was about the history of singapore. hehe. we were too tired to walk anymore. sob sob. then, we took a bus back to the beach station. not wanting to waste our time here, we walked to the siloso beach. oh no! i spotted some cute hunks playing beach ball. hehe.
Siloso Beach
after that, we took a commuter back to Vivo City. my brother took us to a pet shop. a BIG pet shop i would say. he even showed us how they groomed the dogs. the dogs were so cute! :D

The Pet Safari Singapore

we walked around the mall. we went back to our hotel in the evening. :D while on our way back i bought a corn bread. malaysia don't have such bread. sob. at night, we went for dinner. oh no, again i was overloaded! no words to describe my dinner every night. haha.

Vivo City

4th day ----->

i woke up early again. went for workouts in gym early in the morning. :D a good start for me. hehe. after that, we went for breakfast with uncle Lee again. after breakfast, we went to Orchard road to collect my sister's watch. then, we took a lot of pictures of Christmas decorations while we were walking. i spotted a big shop of Louis Vuitton. :D

Louis Vuitton.. heee... :D

then, we went shopping as usual. and the branded stuffs were quite cheap. after that, we headed to Suntec City and took a lof of pictures. hehe. some of the places were quite familiar to me cause i had been there before.

The Koi Garden

the best part was that particular MRT station linked to every shopping malls that i went. it could actually help me to reduce my skin from exposing to sun. cause that day the weather was VERY hot. later, we had our breads which were bought at Bread Talk. (my favourite bakery) while walking around,i spotted nike singapore shop.nice one. it was practically very unique. how i wished i own the shop. haha. my brother met his friend who worked there. *jealous*. hehe

NikeSingapore.. *drool*

my sis bought something before we went back to our hotel room. we were tired. going back for dinner with dad's friends. :) again i was overloaded. there were a lot of delicious food to eat. yummy! hehe..

5th day ----->

i woke up early again. i packed all my things in the luggage waiting for uncle Lee to fetch us back to Johor. hmm.. GOOD BYE BROTHER AND SINGAPORE! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!! we were stucked in the imigration centre for more than half an hour. haih. i was very sleepy at that time. i wished i had a bed to sleep on. hehe. later, we went for lunch before collecting our car at dad's friend's house. my dad drove all the way to Kuala Lumpur and stayed overnight. we stayed at Crystal Crown Hotel which is located in Kepong. at night, we went for dinner with dad's friends. after dinner, my mum, sis and i went to KLCC with dad's friend's wife. she fetched us there. there were a lot of great sales. :D there were midnight sales too. we went back about 11something.

ma room

6th day ----->

my aunt took us to sungei wang plaza that morning. we went shopping. hehe.met another auntie as well. a great reunion. hehe. after shopping, we went back to our hotel and started our journey back to Taiping. hmm..i miss my home after a week. :D i had a great time with my family. thanks a lot.

p/s: more pictures to upload. but i'm too lazy. haha.