an outing.. :)

haha. its been quite long i dint go out with you. thanks for fetching me to watch movie. i enjoyed it alot. but its your little mistake that made us late for the movie. haha. busy reading newspaper before you came to fetch me. in the end both of us were late for the movie. haha. its your fault for making me blur when we watched the front part of the movie. but luckily i understood what was the movie about. e watched 'beast stalker'. my favourite actor was acting in the movie. haha.. its my second time watching movie in such low class cinema. my first time was with my little baby. ehe. hm. why would i claim the cinema is a low class cinema? first, the seat wasnt uncomfortable at all. secondly, it made me dizzy and almost puked. sob. fortunately i managed to control myself till the show ended. there were some spectators busy talking and werent paying attention to the movie at all.. and there was a boy who was sitting behind me kept on kicking my seat.damn. i was pissed off. i wanted to scold him badly for disturbing me. and beside waychoon, there's a few gals busy laughing and chitchatting all the way. i was wondering whether they were busy watching movie or just paying the ticket to sit in the cinema and chitchatting? ish.. after the movie, he took me to panorama and had our so-called dinner. haha. i had egg sandwiches while he had panorama fried rice. initially i planned to eat ice-cream but i was still coughing. so my intention to eat ice-cream was cancelled. hehe. here comes my freaking hobby- taking pictures. lolx. i took a picture of my food. ehhe... thanks for the movie my friend. i enjoyed watching with you. and thanks for a ride. :)

the food that i had ordered - egg sandwiches
movie that we watched. =)