hatred and unfairness

my life had been changing since the day i had learnt something. perhaps that was what im thinking. but it is getting obvious. now i knew my life turned upside down. i know the reason. i wished to tell it here. but i think it is just the secret between myself. i wanted to blurt everything out here. but do you think i have the choice to do so? oh no.i hate myself. why am i putting myself into such major problems???!!! fakers are everywhere. some were just pretending. and never ever trust them please!! i hate to trust people anymore... i knew im cruel sometimes. oops! maybe not cruel sometimes. but CRUEL ALL THE TIME!! i always hurt my friends. and sorry to say i dont deserve to be your friend. maybe that will better if i quit them and live everything on my own. let me be the one suffer, endure my pain and solve everything on my own...i knew all my word were rather mean to you. i always break my promises... and it will be better if i didnt start it. never start to know each and everyone of you. im deeply hurt and sad after all things happen.....no wonder no friends will always be with me till forever. now i knew it. im destinied to live without friends FOREVER!!!!!!!!! its good if no one cares for me. let me cry and solve my own problems. starting from today, janice yeap tsuey fenq will not reply anybody's sms-es anymore.