Finally, i can do it..i can make it through. (i can make it through the rain!! woohoo..:P) when i had learnt to be myself ( what i meant was my true self), i found out that nothing cant make me go through the journey of my life.

for the past few weeks, i had learnt something which was very important and meaningful to me. knowing myself being the most stupid in the family, i knew i had turned myself into a better human. with parents' and siblings' support, nothing else matters to me anymore. of cause there are certain friends whom i treasure the most in my life. i wouldnt want to mention it here. as long u guys are in my heart, you are always in my heart. (i'm telling the truth). i'm terribly soory (oopss...i typed wrongly. it should be SORRY..haha.) if i had done anything wrong to you.

there were times that we were being childish. lolx. i promised you such characters wont happen in our life again. seriously i was very glad that i can forget about it. my life will not get affected by it anymore! yay!!! thanks to myself. haha. thanks for making it through with me... i just love you so much ----> my soul!!! =)

p/s: wont be spending much time on blogging this week. will update when i'm free... =)