Advise of the Day

Yup. My advise of the day - Do not simply eat the food from the stalls outside since the weather is so hazy.. On the other hand, i was diagnosed with food poisoning two days ago. Consulted a doctor hoping that i would be better in a day's time. And hell yeah. I managed to go to uni for the following day. But today i couldnt. The puking and diarrhoea are back! :( No more medicine for me as i had finished them up. Now im depending fully on my self-defense system. I suffered a lot during these hours but thanks to all my friends around me giving me support and thanks for the concern. :) And i seriously homesick now. :( i miss my aunt's porridge. :( can you deliver that for me? haih.

How i wish my sis is here now. I know u cant cause ur too busy with ur assignments and exams. :(


  1. omg..puke again? btw my tummy ache was excruciating today till i never go out for lunch..locked myself in the toilet for half an hour and didn't help much..ate bun for lunch...sobs..cant walk properly also..and yea! late for 5 minutes to class today...woke up late..-D

  2. hm. yeah baby... didnt want to call u n tell u about it as i know ur having exam... hoping not to disturb u.. but now im better. and its contagious btw.. come ur tummy is aching? and how was it right now? how i wish i can fly over to ur place and giv u some rubby rubby on ur lil tummy. teeeeheee... take care orite? call u tonight.^^


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