Yeah. I was extremely zealous waiting for the results I have been waiting for.
But i guess it is just a waste of time.
Nah, gotta move on no matter how tough it is.

Why do people tend to get what they want whereas i dont?
Does that mean i am too picky and fussy over something?
Or too be exact over-obsessed?
Nobody will ever know what i want and either me too.
*dumbstruck for a moment*

Mummy, your darling always upset you.
I'm so sorry. :(
Hopefully you will understand my situation.
I wouldnt want to but the situation makes me like this.
Terribly sorry.

*wish miracles do happen to me sometimes*

P/s: baby, you gotta make sure you are going.
im going for the sake of you.
Do not break my heart.
love you darl. =)


  1. sorry to say..i really have to break ur heart since i have transportation problem..piles of assignments to be done and ughh...3 tests next week

  2. haih.im so upset bout it. but nvm. we still can see each other the following week!!! =)))


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