Dreadfully Sorry!

I couldnt help myself to figure it out. Why would people tend to hurt you over and over again when you are innocently doesnt know any of the stories behind it? The way you speak might hurt others and please think twice before you want to say anything! And practically i'm worn out. Oh god, what should i do? Avoid it from happening again? Seriously im reluctant to face it. All i want is enjoying my current life to the max with studies and entertainment. You had it correct and please, I have my own principles of life too! Stop making me feel annoyed about it. I lost my faith once in all of you. Dont ever make me making the same old mistake again.

I had it all i want for now. Maybe no. Cause i need to splurge. Well baby, let's come over this weekend and hangout! heeheee.. =p

And more assignments and exams are coming. Sob sob. =(

Week10 - IA midterm and Unit Operation midterm.*almost faint*
Week11 - Material Science midterm and Numerical assignment's due date. *faint*
Week12 - Numerical midterm, Principles of Electrical Engineering's assignment's due date, Unit Operation's assignment's due date. *half dead*
Week13- MAY YOU R.I.P!

P/s: Awaiting for my parents' arrival.
Where's my birdy nest?
woohoo. =p

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