Where Am I?

Most probably readers would be thinking where have I been for the past two days. It's none other than Subang, my third home for meantime. :D Having my short weekend break in Subang was amazing cause I'm meeting up with my dear baby.:D No one would actually believe that our relationship is that good that we actually spend most of our time together calling each other and webcam-ing for the past few months even though we were far from each other. And seriously having her in Subang makes me feel lucky, happy and contented.

And right now, we hardly spend those time anymore as she just started her new college life and is terribly busy with her assignments almost everyday and me too! Zzzz. I could see from her eyes that she is pretty stressful. And i hope that i could bring her some wonderful and sweet moments where she could relax even though it's just only a few minutes. :D

We went to Sunway Pyramid whereby my cousin dropped Ivan, sis and i for few hours for window shopping. teehee. Ivan was meeting up with his buddies while sis and i went for a walk in Sunway Pyramid. This time the atmosphere was better compared to the last trip i went with my sis. At least for now i know where to go and how to go walk around the places.

An event regarding the Indonesia's culture.

Ice skating competition.

Young skater boy. :P

And to my surprise, i saw Eng Hooi working in Adidas shop. It was nice to see him since we hadn't see each other for quite sometimes. We chitchatted for awhile and flashed back those moments when we were in secondary school. How time flies and we did missed those moments as all of us are turning older. =( It's my pleasure to see him and meeting up with each other in such a coincidence way. Even though we were far apart, still the friendship remains in our heart. Take care dude! and p/s: You are taller than me finally. Lolx.

We walked around and stopped at A&W again. So sorry. I couldnt help it but to drink my favourite root beer and curly fries in the same old boring place. :P Here's a few shots we took. ------->

Busy sms-ing. :P

With the marina fish sandwich.

Took it without noticing it.

Busy eating. =)

After that we walked around while waiting for cousin to pick us up at the entrance. Spotted cool stuffs in a shop. Will get them for my sis soon. :D Took a few photos and continued walking again. =)

With the eagle.

Heading to somewhere.

We walked out and spotted a cool poster of Eason Chan. He would be coming over to Sunway Pyramid later on to promote his latest album i guess? Too bad we couldnt go and join in the fun. =( And i wasnt obsessed with him anyway. So it makes no difference to me whether he is there or not. And he dont look good in the poster with the bushy moustache and messy hairstyle.

Eason Chan's giant poster.

We camwhored while waiting for cousin. =P

We headed home and rested. Continued with my revisions and assignments. Darn! Too many things to be done. Freaking emotional at that time. And at that time sis suggested to take photos to reduce my emo-ness. hehe.

With Evelyn n sis.

with Evelyn, my niece. p/s: im old already. :(

sis with cute desmond and evelyn

Desmond purposely showed off his teeth.

My day just ended. I slept rather early that night. Having terrible stomachache. And my gastric was back! =( And the next morning, i couldnt wake up early as usual. =( The pain is terrible! Haih.


  1. i always want to try ice skating but there's no near ring in our place :l

  2. teehee baby...funny day though when we're in the fitting room..wakakak

  3. lol... yea yea...u embarassed me in the fitting room. hahaa


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