Splendid Day.

I had a wonderful time with my dears. Thanks a lot babes! Happy to chit-chat with you guys in addition taking crazy pictures with you guys. And Happy Belated Birthday once again, my dearest Jie Hoai. =)

Too lethargic to write a long post. So i'll will just keep it short and simple with pictures only. =)

in Pavilion with my dear Jing Yin. =)

in the toilet. huhu. :P

another shot. =)

Cute Jing Yin

Purple lenses. lol

Off we go and headed to StarHill Gallery to take more pictures. hehe. It's been quite sometimes since we had fun taking photos. :D

Here's the photos : --------->

With my dear =)

Jing Yin and Jie Hoai


I love the couches. :)

A snapshot of us. (finally)

She is trying to be cute and i'm trying to be seductive. haha

With my sunglasses. =D

I love the water fountain. hehe


Dont disturb us dating. :P

trying to imitate the statue. but failed! =.=""


With the JW Marriot signboard

Jing Ying looked afraid. haha

Yellow lights. Eww. I don't like it.

My toes were hurt. Thanks to the heels i wore. Grr. Anyway i had fun with them. Thanks a lot girls. And happy belated birthday again! =) Love you guys. *hugs and kisses*

P/s: You guys are the star of my life.
Thanks peeps. =D


  1. You look great with ur sunglasses, black dress and a very sweet smile.
    Outing with frens is the best time which you will treasure forever...
    Live Life to the Fullest and all the best! Do drop by when u r online, tks!

  2. woot. thanks for the compliment. XD hm.. u too.. take care.. =)


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