Z-Chen in Town.

I didnt have the intention to see him on that day.And it was coincidently i happened to be there while i was having my dinner. So i went to Station 1 to support him. After all, he is one of the Malaysia's successful singer in Taiwan. (just give some face to him. :P) And he was cute. No regrets seeing him that day. =) And i did something silly. I bought his album just to get his signature whereas i could actually download the songs from the net. LOL..

And here's the photos. ---->>

I love the colour---black! :)

His autograph on the album. Teehee. :)

He wrote my name in the album. :)

And i was sad cause i didnt get to take clearer pictures of him. I didnt bring my baby shanice that day. Only used my stupid hp to take lousy pictures and my hp was playing a fool with me too. Hp was running out of battery as well. Arghh!!!! I only managed to take a few pictures of it. And the rest of the close-up pictures of his were in my friend's hp. Will upload them once i get them. :D

Here's the blur shots of him. :(

Hope to see him again. =) And his songs are terribly nice! :D

Tons of reports and assignments to be done.
Busy life i had.
Hope to overcome it ASAP!