Latest Update. =p

I bet you guys will shock to death after seeing my latest photos.
It doesnt look like me at all.
Sometimes pictures might be deceiving.
But who cares?
I bet nobody cares and me too. XD

Doesnt look like me right? teehee

I love the effect. A great photography skill. lolx. *flattering myself* =p

Yeah yeah!! My beloved parents are coming down to KL to visit my sister and i. woohoo. =D This will be the best weekend for me though i'm rather busy with assignments and midterms. And happy to say that i turned down the offer of working in pc fair cos of my parents. Nothing else matters other than my loved ones. =)))) But seriously how i wish my aunt will be here too. =( Sad to say i miss her. (wondering how is she now) Calling her everyday wont help me much anyway.*sigh*

p/s: Am looking forward tomorrow.
my date with dearies is on! teehee. :D
finally i can get the opportunity to splurge.
and a big surprise is awaiting me.