Mid tErm Over~

My first mid term test was just over an hour ago.
I thought i could relax for a second.
Too bad now i cant. =(
Stupid laptop brings me problem again.
And this time it's a big problem.
Gotta send to the centre to repair it.
Terrible! Grrrrrr...
If i send it to the centre, i dont need to finish up my reports already!!!!! ARGHHHH

I'm extremely agitated and upset now......

Few hundreds gone again this time. =(
To send it or to not?? hmm.


  1. maybe you can set this to be last time? ASK them what is the problem - motherboard(hardware) or software problem. After this any more trouble, just get a new one. Dell got many offers all the time. Rmb: Dell maintenance is free under the warranty years!

  2. lol..my dear, i dont use dell laptop. and my baby is only one year old...not planning to change new one...


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