Lunch At Pizza Hut

For the past few days, baby jamie told me about her trip to Pizza Hut for lunch. I gaped when she told me. How could she went for pizza without me? And i was craving for pizza since last year and she had it for like errrr.... TWICE ?? before i even managed to have it once at all. NOT FAIR! =(

So i decided to go for pizza with Huei and Sien before our lecture would start. Finally, my dream came true! lolx. I was supposed to go for a diet plan but it was cancelled due to my crave-for-pizza plan. :b Sorry girls. =( And that day, the food looked appetizing. Yummy! I could actually finish them up though it was in a big portion. I should thank my gastric problems for making me so appetite. :b

While waiting for food, here we come. Photo session! teehee. :D --------->

I dont think i still have to introduce to you guys. Both of them are my so-called neighbours and my coursemates aka besties with the menu. :)

Pizza Hut in Wangsa Maju. =)

My pale look. :(

Sien was grudging while huei was happily posing. :P

Sien's cute look. teehee.

Our beverages and mushroom soup.

Our pizzas. 3 persons for two regular pizzas! lolx.

She served us.

I took this without her noticing me taking photos

Another pose of her with her pizza.

And now it's my turn. hehe

After our pizza feast, we camwhored.

But to my disappointment, my camera ran out of battery again. =( Everytime my baby shanice sulks at the wrong time! Grrrr....Never mind. I still have my secondary camera. :D We continued camwhoring while waiting for dessert.

Deflating my 'balloon'. :P

ss-ing. lolx.

with my drink.

Busy sipping my drink.

We continued camwhoring again till we were satisfied. haha.

Pouting our lips. :)

Finally our dessert had arrived. Our desserts only cost RM2. :) Not too bad for a RM2-dessert.

The dessert comprised of pudding, ice-cream and a muffin.

Posing with my dessert. :)

After our lunch, we headed back for one-hour lecture and went for a haircut after that.Dont be surprised to see my new look. lolx. I bet you guys will shock to death. More on up-coming post. :)

P/s: My wish was granted.


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