I was in a good mood this morning.
Drove to uni just to attend an hour lecture.
Right after the lecture ended, I was totally pissed off.
I just realised something.
And finally i knew the stories behind the scenes.

Drove home after meeting up with my chairman.
Reached home an hour ago.

I'm freaking pissed off now.
With the stupid laptop kept bothering me, i even planned to throw my temper at her now.
Why would you cause so much trouble to me? Grrrrrr...
It's problematic. ISk.
Whatever program also YOU cant support, then what is the point of me having you?!!!!

I'm out of words right now.
No words to describe how i feel right at this moment. Haih.
And i'm totally worn out.
Just let me go for a second please! =(

Another bad day for me to pull it through.
Seriously i wished to smack you and crush you into pieces.
Life's sucks for meantime.

P/s: Will you be there when i need you?

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