I bet you know what is this.

This is what i did during my last semester break. Sorry for the late post guys. Was lazy to update them. Let all my pictures do the talking ok? =)

Kc is a great bowler (seriously)

Kc was the winner in the end. And i was the lousiest among all. haha.


Pz was good too. Better than me of course.

Ah beh

I couldnt help but to laugh at his actions. He acted so funny. Overall he is good too. =)

My babe- Shi Hui

She created the funniest moment of the day. lolx. I wouldnt want to mention it here. Those who were there knew what's going on.

Shi hui

Shi hui and kc =)

Ah beh and i

Pz and i

oops. Sorry Pz! Photography skills werent good.

the blur shot.

I miss all the time with you. =(