Come and Go.

My parents, brother, brother's gf and my dearest girl left my condo half an hour ago.
Delighted to see them of course though it was only a short period.
And i think they had reached Subang already.
Sis will be studying in Subang starting tomorrow.
How time flies!
And finally, my CAR is here. Woohoo!
That's the best part out of the best-est part. hehe.

Freaking happy when i think that i dont need to go to PUDU alone carrying loads of luggage and drenched with sweat.
Special thanks to my daddy and mummy. Muax muax. :)))
Not forgetting my brother as well for driving the car down to KL for me.
Love each and everyone of you. =)
I promised i will take good care of the car k?
I will LOVE her from the bottom of my heart. teehee. :DDD


  1. which car, the kenari? :D i miss that car, haha

  2. smart of u girl. oik, how come u change to fried bacon? lol

  3. haha..u're still going to be all sweaty if i'm not going back with u...lolx


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