Exploration in Day 2.

Day 1 was over.Day 2's turn was here. She wanted to go to Midvalley so much. So both of us went to Midvalley instead. Sorry ya. Kampung girls like us love shopping in Midvalley. :P

Seriously i'm bored of Midvalley. Nothing much to do. Both of us had our lunch at Nando's and did some window shopping. We went back home rather early cause we were too tired.

No more elaborations from me. I'll just let my pictures do all the talking. "Pictures speak a thousand words." lolx.





Posing with the Nando's sauce. :P

It's me. :)

What were you thinking?

Mine. I'm a potato lover. Couldn't help it. hehe

Sister's. =)

with my food.

my serious pose.

Save the environment.=)

*tongue's out*

isn't she cute? heehee.

Gosh! I love the water fountain. :)

in the Gardens Club

Posing with her favourite bread in Bread Talk.

Back home later on.
Reuniting with my family.
Miss my sister so much.
Teehee. :)


  1. haha..i;m like punching in the air to rejoice the big SALE word..buy nothing though..ahaks

  2. lol. v did buy something ok? rmb? our cream puffs! hehe


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