My campus had its food fair yesterday. I was freaking busy. First i had two labs on the day itself. One is in the morning and another one is in the evening. That made me unable to have time for my lunch and breakfast as well. :( Right after the lab, i went straight to my booth to help my friends. An hour later which was 10am, i went for tutorials and continued my lecture till 2pm.

The ugly board. We lacked of time to decorate. Or else it would be better than this. :P

The person who created the idea of making choc fondue. :)

The cooked chocolate. :)

Done with the coating. hehe.

The chocolate is hardened. :)

I headed back to the booth and to continue helping my friends. I'm not selling this time. I was too hungry now. haha. Was waiting for my self-made choc fondue and that made me feel so great. (it was quite tasty anyway) And i ate them with my favourite banana! Been craving for bananas for the past few weeks. Mum had promised me to get one when i was in Taiping last weekend but she didn't. :( And daddy said he would buy a bunch for me since mum and him will be coming down to KL with bro and sis Jolynn and my dearest baby girl as well. :D

This banana is mine! :P

Busy coating the choc on my banana

Posing with my banana. (fat face)

You know what? Speaking of that makes me enraptured. Sis would be coming to KL to study too. :D (of course it's not in my place). That can make us spend more time together since we hadn't spend so much time together.

Sorry! I'm out of topic here. hehe. Back to my university's fes-tival. Teehee.

While i was eating, there was a photographer taking my photos eating choc fondue. I guess you guys should know that eating choc fondue would reveal your ugly look especially with the chocolate smudging all over your face! :P Hopefully i managed to escape from the shots which he had taken. Or else he would post it somewhere and made me embarrassed! hmmm.

Managed to escape from the shot. :P

The photographer with my vice chairman n treasurer

My dear Jie Hoai with her ice-blended.

Jing Yin and i.

another one. Fat (me) versus the thin one (Jingyin).

Group pic.

An hour later we continued our lab session again. It's different lab this time. We were able to carry out our experiment and finished it in an hour's time. Woohoo! Right after, we continued helping to clean the booth and here comes the HEAVY RAIN! :(

Banana look. haha

My 'banana' gang. :b

Busy counting the coupons.

My new shoes were totally wet. :( My pants was wet too and the worst part was my friend's umbrella flipped upwards when both of us were using it. That made us yell and screamed like mad cows! Lolx. And everyone was looking at us. *faces turned red* It was quite fun though it rained. :) Another fun and exciting experience for me again! :P


  1. you guys seems like eating a lot of bananas. it's good fruit, you know? i always eat it when i am depressed or tired. :)

  2. lol..yup. i love eating banana. my favourite. :)


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