Sleepover in KL - Day 1

Feel weird when i wrote that title? It wasn't me. It's my sister. She came over to KL for sleepover last Friday. Her main purpose to KL was coming down to look for rooms. And of course to spend some time with me since it was only the beginning of the semester. =)))) Nothing much to do in university. So, she took this opportunity to come down to KL. heehee.

She came down alone. And it was her first time. Quite worry for her though i wanted her to come down badly. And thanks to god she reached KL safely. I told her to wait for me in front of the KFC in front of Pudu bus station.

Right after my class ended, I hurriedly went to LRT station and headed to Pasar Seni. It took me about half an hour to meet her up in front of KFC. Fuhh!! Tiring!!! Both of us walked back to LRT station and way to go girl, you are so audacious! =))))

Both of us walked to Jusco at Alpha Angle (you got it right finally in your to have our dinner. And that's the worst KFC i ever had in my entire life! SUCKS! ZZzzzz. I even acquired a novel for myself in case i'm too bored. LOLX. That sounded so wrong! I wouldnt be bored but busy. (where to have the time to read?hmmph.)

Novel that i purchased

I told my sister that she could read them to cure her boredom when I would be having classes on Monday for the whole day. (Pity her. So sorry! Would make you starve and bored at home)

We walked home. Later on, we took our bathe and rest for the day. Our legs were too tired! Chaoz.

A shot before we dozed off. :)

To be continued......