Strongly Emotional.

Sorry about the title. Im strongly emotional today. Have tonnes of things to blog about but i got no idea where to start. :'(

I admitted these were too fast. But after all, it couldnt be judged by time right? Never mind. I accepted the fact. Let time proves everything! Who knows in future everything will be different from what we intend to have? hmm.

Life's been full of obstacles and challenges. Never know i will indulge myself in such tough situation. Mum, dad and sis been supporting me so much and yet i still upset them? Oh no! I'm so sorry dearies. =(

I admitted that I was jealous of it when i heard about it (I strongly believe my horoscope says now. =.=""") At the same time, i totally had forgotten the fact that we arent as what we think we are. Sorry for the strong emotional feelings ya! Hopefully no hard feelings after that. I should be alright by now hopefully. If there's something you wish to share problems with someone, just find me ok? Just like how I used to find you to share my problems with.

I felt so much better by now. hmm. A great relief! Thanks to my dear bloggie. And to my baby out there, I'm looking forward to see you. You better bring all the things that i had asked you to bring. And see you tonight k? Send my regards to my dearests at home. I love you guys! Muacksss. *hugs*